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Thread: Who's Got Concert Tickets?

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    Who's Got Concert Tickets?

    Me! Me! I'm seeing Lady Gaga in April and want to get Bon Jovi tix for February 18.

    Anyone else?

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    Me, Me I'm seeing UB40 next week and Usher in February.
    Sharon xx

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    Cool, Sharon. My co-worker is seeing Usher in November, and she's really looking forward to it.

    (Did you ever hear the mashup of the musical track from Red Red Wine and the vocal track from Umbrella? Awesome!)

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    I have tickets for Take That June 19th in Dublin. Yea!!
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    I've got Take That tickets for June and a maybe for Usher in January - woo hoo!
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    My friend the Bon Jovi freak can't afford tickets, so I have to find someone else to drag along with me. Or win tickets, but I've never been lucky yet when it comes to radio contests. GAAAAAHHHH!

    I saw so many good concerts this summer - Adam Lambert, Green Day and the Black Eyed Peas. Not on the same bill, although that would have been good, too. I really haven't been to too many shows in the past few years, so this was a great reconnection with concert-going.

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    I got Take That tickets for 2nd July at Wembley me and 7 work mates are going - should be a really good day.
    I'd like to see Bon Jovi as I love them but I am unsure of Hyde Park as a venue - saw Bryan Adams there a few years ago and the sound quality was not that good.
    I'm thinking of going to see Kylie (for the 3rd time) but not sure yet. The last two times I saw her I was meant to be taking a friend who is a massive fan, whom I could not take for assorted reasons and am unsure to try 3rd time lucky !! We shall see.
    Giving it another go - because I have to!!!!
    Formerly known as: Dontwanttobesocurvygirl

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    We have tickets for Roger Waters in Manchester in June.
    Old before my time, me hehe.
    I am actually looking forward to it, but main reason for going is a xmas pressie for my daddy!!

    06/05/2013 - Start Exante
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    I have tickets for Maroon 5 in February and Take That in the Summer, my biggest music wish is that Adam Lambert returns to the UK and I get to see him again, I am a massive Adam Lambert fan

    Darren Hayes could be touring this year too

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    I'm seeing James Blunt and The Script in March. then in June Take That at Cardiff on teh 14th, and Bon Jovi on 25th. See Bon Jovi before in hyde Park and they were amazing, was in the front row, but was pregnant and not feeling well so the security pulled me over the barrier before Bon Jovi came on and I got to sit right in front of the stage, jammy or what lol!!!

    JUDDDering from 3/9/09
    Restart 1/1/11 - I WILL do it this time, I know I can and i know my plan works, just keeping the weight off was the problem, grrrr

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    I'm going to see Boyzone in Feb (Sheffield) and Take Thak in July (Wembley) Can't wait!!

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    Yep going to see Lee Evans in nov i think- Bon jovi in June and Bryan Adams 5 days later :0)

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    i got rihanna tickets for the 9th of october! i wanted to get bon jovi tickets too but they all sold out i went to his tour in 2008 and it was amazzzzzing

    also got tickets to see jimmy carr
    raising money for heartbeat, check out my link. 15 marathons in 2015

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    Bolton hill marathon double - 8-9/3/14
    trimpell 20-16/3/14
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    Liverpool marathon 25/5/14
    chester marathon 5/10/14
    York marathon 12/10/14
    Dublin marathon 27/10/14
    botlon marathon 15/11/14
    liverbird marathon 31/12/14
    Liverpool marathon 1/1/15
    Newcastle 30 mile 25/1/15
    Wrexham marathon 8/3/15
    Manchester marathon 19/4/15
    blackpool marathon 26/4/15
    Belfast marathon 4/5/15
    foxton 24 hour 23/5/15
    Bolton marathon 6/6/15
    Liverpool marathon 14/6/15
    potteries marathon 5/7/15
    knowsley 24 hour 29/8/15
    chester marathon 4/10/15
    York marathon 11/10/15
    HOAH 12-15/11/15
    Newcastle 30 6/12/15
    Liverpool 31/12/15
    Liverpool 1/1/16
    groundhog 5/3/16
    brighton 17/4/16

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    We've got Faithless in April, Roger Waters in May, Kings of Leon in Hyde Park in June.. Oh, and another pending Kings of Leon concert sometimes in January, postponed from December to an unknown date

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    I'm going to the glee tour in June

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