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Thread: evening primrose oil capsules

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    evening primrose oil capsules

    Hi all

    I have been advised to take the above to help with pms/bloating and acne. I have bought the 1000mg capsules one a day.

    not really into herbal stuff so was just wondering if anyone takes them? does it work? and how long did it take till you saw/felt results

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    I have been taking them for a few years now.I take evening primrose oil with cod liver oil capsules one a day and have mild or no mood swings.Now going through the menopause and have noticed a difference as don't get hot flushes.When I moved house I stopped taking them and ended up with the mood swings and hot flushes.I felt better after a couple of weeks of taking them.

    As for bloating I stopped having carbs which helped with my bloating.
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