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Thread: Kitchen scales

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    Kitchen scales

    Can't decide what will be better to buy oldy worldy ones with a bowl or a set of digital ones, just want a good accurate scale. Any recommendations?
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    I would recommend a digital scales if you plan on baking. They're much more accurate. You can also weigh things straight into your mixing bowl by resetting them to zero.
    The old ones look great but for me it's digital all the way!

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    A flat digital one. Accurate and takes guesswork out of the equation. Also easy to clean!

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    Digital scales are awesome. The best ones I've found are weight watchers, can zero it and add extra or it keeps track for you.
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    I had some Salter scales that were fantastic but recently my hubby treated me to the WW ProPoints ones and I love those x
    Here is my weight loss & food diary. Would love to see you there

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