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Thread: stretch marks

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    stretch marks

    can anyone help me, do stretch marks go when you loose your weight or is their anything I could use to help them? They're awful xx

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    I got stretch marks from being pregnant. They got bigger and redder as I gained weight. They are still there, but less noticable at the years have gone by.

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    Keep your skin hydrated and moisturised! It helps keep the skin surrounding the marks plumped up and puts less stress on the skin, so the marks are not as severe. Any good moisturiser will do, not just fancy creams that claim to get rid of stretch marks. Also try to apply moisturiser when the skin is damp as it locks in the moisture. Also a good fake tan (bottle tan!) helps disguise the marks. Good luck!

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    All you can do is moisturise, once they are are older they will turn white but unfortunately they will always be there. Best thing is just to realise everyone has tiger stripes and to wear them with pride!

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    I was literally logging on to ask about stretch marks and this was on the main page of this section! I have so many stretch marks from gaining weight quickly - upper arms, thighs, my belly, it's crazy! I feel like I'm getting more and more even though I've started Slimming World now... I thought they were okay to begin with, but they make me not want to wear any short sleeve t-shirts which is a pain because I get boiling easily! Someone actually said to me 'ouch, what have you done to your arm?!'!! I think I'm going to have to invest in something to make them better...
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