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Thread: How I keep on top of my Eczema

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    How I keep on top of my Eczema

    Hello I have had Eczema all my life and tried everything under the sun. Below is how I am managing to keep on top of things

    1. Eating lots of wholegrains, fruit, vegetables, pulses, nuts & seeds, lean protein
    2. Cut down on dairy & sugar
    3. Use pure chimps super combo
    4. Take a daily probiotic tablet, use honey too sweeten things (both boost your immune system)
    5. Take a multivitamin every day

    Hope this can help people like it did me. Took me a while to figure it out (it all starts from within).

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    I use sudocrem to dry it out a little bit, but it gets so itchy at night time. Any tips?
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    I have had 'eczema' all my life in varying degrees, over the last year it got to a point where I had a dinner plate size patch on my back, at the tops of my legs and a patch on my stomach which were all angry, red and flaky and it was really getting me down. Going to the doctors didn't help as they would just fob me off with a tiny tube of steroid cream and some E45. Then I started doing some online research myself. I actually now think that what I have is not eczema but psoriasis, I started using a cocoa butter body butter from Avon which is very nourishing and only 2.50 a pot, and going on a sunbed twice a week and over the space of 8 weeks it has completely cleared up and the only sign is different pigmentation - the areas where the patches were are a bit browner than the rest of my body. I'm not saying that would work for everyone but it has definitely worked for me!!

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