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Thread: Losing weight, menopause and hot flushes

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    Losing weight, menopause and hot flushes

    Anyone got any natural remedies for hot flushes

    I am aware that my weight doesn't help but I thought I would ask if anyone knows anything natural I can eat etc to help with the hot flushes

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    I've been taking sage tablets from the health food shop. They work fantastically. Another method that worked for my friend is the menopause cake. I've not needed it yet as I'm still in the early stages but she swore by it. She would make it in a loaf tin. Slice it and freeze it. You just eat a slice per day. Just google menopause cake and you'll find lots of recipes but they're essentially the same thing

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    My doc has given me tablets for the flushes but the mood swings are bad at the moment which is making me want to set aaaaaaaaa

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    I suffered/suffer with flushes, since I lost a bit of weight though they do seem much improved, I hope when I shed the rest of my fat suit they will bugger off completely

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