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Thread: Cerelle Mini Pill!!

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    Cerelle Mini Pill!!

    Hey, I was on Dianette for 5 years and it was amazing. As amazing as it can be considering my thyroid messes my periods around and what not.
    Anywhoo, i had to get taken off that pill as i had been on it a while. So doc put it on cerezette. I had two bleeds a year that lasted for 2 months. My skins horrible and periods were bad. When i went to get more, i was given cerelle ( the cheaper version of cerezette) and i am fed up. The bleeds are terrible. I bled from dec - feb then 3 days in april, 3 days in may and i thought oh okay my periods are regulation. How wrong am i. I came on on 9th of june...and im still on now. And the stomach and back ache ive got is horrible!! Ive had scans to make sure my overies and what not are okay and they are...but im fed up now.
    Had anyone been on any other mini pill and it been okay? As i think id quite like to change pill ( can only go on mini due to my weight)

    Thanks in advance

    Betty x

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    I was on cerazette and absolutely fine and also got transferred onto Cerelle 2 months ago, read horrible stories like yours and was so worried but luckily I've been fine!
    The only other pill I've been on wasn't the mini pill but that one I had no side effects with either (logynon). I don't know if you can use a combined pill but it could be worth an enquiry?

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    I've just been switched from Microgynon that I was fine on because of concerns about my weight to Cerelle and so far so good but havn't even been on it for a month yet. I'm hoping no periods as they are one of the triggers to my mental health issues.

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