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    Red face hey everyone!

    Im an 18 year old girl from ireland with a lot of weight to lose!
    2 years ago, I weighed 212lbs and I had had enough of being the fat one in the group, so I decided to do something about it.
    I bought some acai berry tablets to help me reduce my appetite and started taking them on the 17th of december 2011. By the 6th of january, I had lost 11lbs. I was so happy with myself and so proud that I had finally made a change for the better in my life. It really boosted my confidence- I was making friends easier and I wasnt as shy when it came to socialising with friends. I continued eating healthier and by april of this year, I had steadily got my weight down to 168lbs. Im 5'11, so 168 is a great number for me.

    Not long after that, I decided that it was finally time to quit smoking! It was difficult at the start, but I stuck to it and have now made it 7 months without a cigarette.

    My only problem is that, stopping smoking has caused me to gain weight. I now weigh 190 and im so unhappy with myself. Ive tried using acai this time round, but it had absolutely no effect
    My doctor prescribed me with xenical tablets, which I have been taking for about a week now. Has anyone had any experience with xenical?

    I would really appreciate any tips or advice you guys could give me, because this weight is driving me crazy!!

    Thanks for reading!

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    Hello and welcome. Read the stickies at the top of the forum for loads of helpful tips and advice. Any specific questions ask here and someone will reply. At least you have done it before so know you can do it again. Really well done on giving up smoking, that was one of my problems too, I'm off them 7 years now. Good luck!

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