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Thread: newbie to orlistat

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    newbie to orlistat

    What foods is everyone eating?? I understand the 5g rule now (which I never knew about)..cant find diet plans anywhere and like to stick with plans so know what I need to buy etc (bit of ocd with food plans for week due to family of 5 work long hours like to pre prep). Want to make same meals for all family so not feeling excluded Nd different meals being made. Any help would be great xx Ann

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    Diet: Primal eating
    Height: 1.66m
    Start Date: 11 July 2011
    Start Weight: 99.8kg
    Current Weight: 98.4kg
    Goal Weight: 69.9kg

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 36.2
    Current BMI: 35.7
    Goal BMI: 25.4

    Total Weight Loss: 1.4kg
    Weight to Lose: 28.5kg
    % Lost 1.41%
    You can eat anything 5g or under, so adapt your meals, change the way you cook.

    Remove the butter, oil etc buy lean cuts of meat, cut the fat off meat, you can roast chicken but don't eat the skin.

    Use skimmed milk in your mash, increase your veg and fruit intake 7 per day

    Cook by grilling, baking in foil, use fry light (spray oil) in a low- med heat, poach not fry..

    1/4 meat, 1/2 veg not including potatoes, 1/4 some sort of carb ..

    WW meals are within rules most of the time, plus most of "healthy" ready meals are ok

    Eggs are ok for most people, bisto gravy is ok too ( even tho it's a bit higher)

    Read your labels
    Hairy dieter books have great recipes

    Breakfast - protein will keep you fuller for longer
    Turkey rashers/ bacon - Sainsbury be good to your self is ok

    Myfitnesspal web/ app for counting kcals

    Start at 1800/1500 and then a few months later you can lower it down again 1300/1200

    Don't get fooled by the high sugar low fat items - they can stall your weight loss.

    Once you stop eating biscuits and cakes you will have sugar withdrawal symptoms / try to have Berries and fruits with low fat yogurt to help with the cravings as the cravings will pass .

    Hot chocolate with skimmed milk - check the labels of the hot chocolate drink

    Do not eat anything over 5g per 100g or you will get tango'ed !! No takeaway is worth it!!

    If eating out asked for grilled meat - no extra oil added, dressing in the side or no dressing - I used to take my salad dressing in my hand bag lol always asked how they cook things - so you can ask them to do it differently for you. Most places don't mind!
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