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Thread: Advice please

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    Advice please

    Hey everyone,

    Im just looking for some advice but havent got a clue where to start really lol

    Long story short...Back in 2008 i was TTC with no sucess i had gone to the doctors a number of times asking for a scan to rule out PCOS as i seemed to have alot of the symptoms, although i was always sent away to just have more bloods taken.

    Fast forward to 2011.... i had stopped TTC at this point due to the relationship ending, and i put myself on the implant. I am currently with a new partner and thought i might still like to carry on with my fertility investigations for peace of mind incase i wanted to try for a baby again.

    I had an ultrasound on Tuesday and i was told my ovarys have a good volume but in the right i have alot of small follicules and a large one on my left side.

    I dont really undertsand what they mean by follicules, as i know a follicule will mature ready to release an egg. I shouldnt be ovulating due to having the implant.

    I just wondered if someone could help me understand what it might mean until i see my doctor, it worrys me not knowing



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    Sounds like pcos from what you're saying as pcos isn't actually cysts, it's just where the ovulation happens the follicle doesn't heal up on the ovary, thickening it. I'm pretty sure I've read that you shouldn't have the implant if you have pcos. Which is a shame because I had it in for 3 years before I was diagnosed!

    I really think that when you are investigating your fertility it's best not to be on any kind of birth control. Think it can affect the readings you get in hormone tests and also some of these are relatively new so we don't really know what long term effects they could be having on our reproductive systems, never mind out bodies as a whole.

    Since having my implant removed 2 years ago, I have decided I won't put anything like that in me again. At least until I've had children anyway.

    You sound a bit like me, I had small follicles all over one, and one large cyst inside the other. Apparently the large cyst inside isn't a worry and goes by itself, and mine has. But we really do need to address the weight thing as fat cells produce testosterone (or so my gynaecologist says anyway) which causes the thickening of the ovary wall affecting our fertility. As well as causing the dreaded hirsutism!

    Good luck with your appointment and be strong, make sure you say everything that concerns you.

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