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Thread: Testing for PCOS

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    Testing for PCOS

    Hello ladies.

    I had my first period at 14, then the next when I was 15...obviously that's not normal, spoke to my auntie who has pcos and we presumed with the dark hair on my chin that it was possibly pcos!

    The GP took my bloods but nothing shown up and I was put on the pill to regulate them. I didn't get on with this so have been on the Depo injection until 4 months ago so probably about 8 years.

    Had my first smear and had to have a colposcopy and the lady told me to go to a GP ASAP about my periods and that I need a diagnosis as it can be dangerous etc. I guess I have always put it at the back of my mind and thought I would deal with it when I try to conceive! So going on Saturday to see my GP.

    Could anybody tell me what's needed to be tested for pcos and what else does if affect/symptoms. I should've sorted this when I was 15 but enjoyed not having periods I guess but now it's quite frightening!

    Hope you can help


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    I was referred for an internal scan which showed cysts on my ovaries. I think this is the most common way it is diagnosed and I got the results in a few days. I then have a blood test to check I didn't have any issues with glucose (which I don't thank fully!) I was changed over to Yasmin as that is meant to be the best pill for PCOS. I was told (4 years ago) that I would struggle to conceive but sat here 15 weeks preganant after only 3 months of trying.

    Go and get it sorted! It isn't that scary and at least you will know either way then. Hope you get some answers X
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    I was diagnosed via an ultra sound and a transvaginal (internal) scan. I was trying to conceive at the time so also had a laparoscopy which confirmed both ovaries were polycystic and I also have endometriosis. Definitely get it sorted, you'll feel better once you do and it's not that bad. Good luck xx
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    Thank you so much ladies! I really do just need to know now, heading to the doctors tomorrow, hopefully they can help!

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