I'm sorry if this comes of as a rant, or if it sounds too--well you know.

I was diagnosed with PCOS during my senior year of high school. I was 17 when I started bc and metformin. Since then, I have been on 500mg/day of met. My ovaries have always been polycystic in ultrasounds. In the spring of 2013 (towards the end of my first year of college) I had chronic back pain and after an ultrasound, a 3.7cm cyst was found on one of my ovaries.

Last spring, I had the same chronic back pain and made an appointment with my gyno. He didn't believe me when I told him I had chronic lower back pain, he looked at me like I had ten heads. He agreed to an ultrasound, just as a precaution. The ultrasound in July 2014 found a 4.5 cm cyst. This ultrasound also showed no other cysts.

The tech was very confused because my chart said PCOS. When she saw the size of the cyst, she told me everything she was seeing--this is so rare in a tech! Half the time they say "I can't say" or "I can't answer that." I know that she could not tell me what it meant, but I appreciated knowing what was going on in my body.
I was also sent for blood work that same month and my gyno NEVER followed up with either test. I know he has a busy office in northern NJ, but really? The ultrasound was done in his office, and the tech was concerned and even said "he will definitely want to follow up with you."

So here we are, almost a year later. And I have had chronic cramps and back pain for the last 2 weeks. After having 2 large cysts and knowing the discomfort that comes with it, I am able to recognize what is going on in my body. I do not have coverage in Indiana, so I have to wait until my semester is over late next week to go home to NJ. I already have an appointment with my gyno for May 11.

Meanwhile, I spend a lot of time in bed. I know that's not healthy. I sleep with a heating pad and I take as much advil, Tylenol or aleve as possible. I actually think I might be one of those people that Aleve doesn't work for. I don't feel a difference when I take it and end up taking a few advil 2 hours after taking 2 aleve. That can't be good right? Even if I went to a doctor, all they would tell me for a cyst is to take advil. I have been prescribed Tylenol with codeine for this pain in he past, but I have finals. I can't spend any more time in bed lol.

I just needed to say my peace. I don't know anyone else that has gone through something like this and sometimes I let the fear get to me.

I stayed in bed until 4pm today and that kind of scared me. Some days I feel like the pain is all in my head. But, I know I've been right about this in the past. I truly believe no one knows your body better than you.