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Thread: My cats are like my children

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    My cats are like my children

    With me not being maternal, my cats are my furry babies. I'm so glad I adopted them both as I appreciate the company. My youngest, Star, is a small British shorthair and she spends her time with me whenever I'm in the house. She follows me round supervising and "helping" with whatever I'm doing and I'd be lost without her company. She talks to me so much that I'm convinced she must have some Siamese in her family somewhere.
    My older one is called Newton and he's only affectionate when he wants something. He is a large grey shorthair. They are like chalk & cheese and Newton merely tolerates Star, but I love them both and am glad for their support during my weight loss and low days even if they do not realise they are giving it.

    Anyone else out there feel like this about their animals?

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    Im always here!

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    I had a cat named taz who I got before I had my child he was my baby and followed me round everywhere. I was absolutely heartbroken wen some heartless di&k head shot him. If I cud find out who did it I wud giv them a taste ov there own medicine!!!!

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    Mine are too! Though I do have an actual child, he's teenaged and stroppy so I spend the day talking to my 4 cats
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    half century

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    I have two cats - rhubarb and Ambrose, love them more than anything, best company ever

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    Hi Kurumi I feel the exact same about my two cats! They're both one and a half, born two days apart and have been best friends since their foster home. I couldn't adopt only one and split up such a close pair! They're the cuddles, most affectionate cats I've ever met and I'd be lost without their purrs waking me up each morning

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    Love my fur babies - definitely more of an animal person than a people person. I have 2 deaf house cats. They are fab!

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    Oh i just adore cats! these are the most beautiful and graceful animals on the planet! I have only one cat - her name is Bun;-) The most i love her soft fur and when she purs in my arms) When i take her i forget about all the bad things that happened to me during the day!

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