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Thread: Breast lift + Insurance coverage (United States)

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    Question Breast lift + Insurance coverage (United States)

    Just curious...

    Now, I don't think I'd ever really go through with this because I'm at the point in life where I'm not too concerned about how my body looks. Well, I am, but I'm more concerned about I feel.


    I saw online here (or maybe it was another site) where someone said they got their breast lift surgery 100% covered by insurance. I want to ask, how?

    My breasts have taken a beating from all the losing and gaining weight over the years (not only that, but I used to run a lot, which isn't good when your breasts are, on average, a DD... right now I'm a DDD). They aren't as bad as I always joke them to be, but my fear is once I *do* get to my goal weight (which I will this time, damn it!), they are going to be really, really saggy. Now, again, I shouldn't worry and be obsessed over aesthetics so much, however, I am very curious as to how someone could qualify to get their breast lift covered by insurance. I thought it was elective surgery?...

    And while we're at it, not only breast sagging, but loose skin in general. I thought they only covered that stuff if you get lap band/gastric bypass... like, it "goes with the package."
    (I weigh myself once per month on the 18th.)

    Below, for every 10lbs. lost =

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    when talk about insurance, usually it's related with health risk concern you need to find that kind of excuse so the insurance willing to cover it for you

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