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Thread: Thinking about the future

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    Thinking about the future

    Hi, I am part of the way through my weight-loss journey but I would like to consider the future in terms of surgery.
    I have come to terms with the fact that it is unlikely that I will be able to exercise away all of the loose skin from my body but I wanted to weigh up the consequences after surgery and ask those of you who have had surgery for some advice?

    I have bingo wings which are shrinking and I am doing exercises to tone my arms up but the flap of skin is probably not going to shrink massively. My boobs are getting smaller and I reckon when I get down to my target they may be smaller than I like (we'll see). I am already seeing loose skin on my stomach and I know this will become an issue later on, it's already a minor source of embarrassment to me and I tend to hide a little bit behind certain clothes, pyjamas etc.

    My questions are; those of you who had a tummy tuck/Breast Augmentation, did any of you have a family afterwards?

    I am concerned about any medical risks for a developing child, any damage which may happen to me after a pregnancy or even issues with breast-feeding after an augmentation.
    I would hate my pursuit for being slimmer to jeopardise the health of a child I wish to have later on in life.

    Thanks in advance for those of you who are able to give me any pointers at all!

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    I wish I had the answers as unfortunately I'm in the same boat. Hopefully someone will be able to share their experience with us.
    Over halfway through this weightloss journey... There is no going back!

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