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Thread: Just living with the skin.

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    Question Just living with the skin.

    Hello! It's my first post for a long time!
    I have a lot to lose and I know I'll have loose skin but I was wondering, apart from the way it looks, is it difficult to live with a lot of extra skin? I guess washing and drying is a bit harder but otherwise, well to be blunt, can you just tuck it into your clothes?
    How many of us are just living with the skin - and does it very slowly tighten up anyway? Over years I mean?

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    Hi there, just seen this post and felt compelled to reply.
    I lost 9 stone about 4 years ago and at the time felt happy slimmer but not with the loose skin especially on tummy thighs and bum. I hoped it would tone up and improve with time but unfortunately, despite working out at the gym and eating the right foods, it hasn't. I have become very depressed with it of late as it's something I see everyday and even though I can cover it up with clothes I'm aware it's there.
    I now realise my only hope of contentment is through surgery. The nhs won't fund in my area so I'll have to find a way to pay for a lower body lift (incl tummy tuck). I also wonder how many people can live with the loose skin, for me I just can't any longer.
    Good luck on your journey

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