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Thread: Induction date

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    Induction date

    I am getting induced at 38+3 even though my blood sugars are normal baby measuring above 95th centile and they just don't want to risk it getting any bigger. Feel upset now I wanted to be closer to due date because in my head I felt it would hurt less if I was closer. Sarah how long from induction to birth was your labour? I know it's sad but friends baby was born day after induction I want my baby to have it's own day x
    My goals:
    Do the 10 day kick start herbalife Day 10/10 Done 5lbs off and 5.5inch lost
    Do the 30 day challenge of herbalife Day 16/30 5lbs lost total (10pounds)
    Get into the 15s Im in them Yippe not for long i hope!
    Get into the 14s
    Get into the 13s
    Get into the 12s
    Get into the 11s
    Get to 10.7 goal
    30 minutes of excerise or more daily

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    Hi Hun. Sorry to hear you are getting induced but honestly it's not as bad as you anticipate.
    I was induced at 37 weeks and gave birth at 37+3. If you would like to know anything feel free to ask. Otherwise best of luck to you. Takecare. X
    Goal 1 - to be in 14s

    Goal 2 - to lose 5%

    Goal 3 - to be in 13s

    Goal 4 - to lose 10%

    Goal 5 - to reach 13 stone (haven't been this weight since I was 17).

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