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Thread: I did it snd survived :-)

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    I did it snd survived :-)

    Myself and husband are proud parents to a beautiful baby boy, Henry James Who weighed in at 8 pounds and 1/2 ounce born at 38 weeks and 5 days.

    We came into hospital for a planned induction on wednesday, however due to a shortage of beds we was not admitted until 6pm, no checks done because the suppositories needed prescribing and they were very busy I told the midwife at 11pm I'd rather wait till morning now as it was still on the drs list to prescribe. Husband went home and I went to sleep and at 2am my waters broke naturally, I started having contractions at 11am which we're 5 mins apart and around 45 seconds long I was in pain and because i couldn't get a bed on labour ward we was only allowed paracetamol and dihydrocoedine We arrived at labour ward around 6pm on Thursday evening, i was 3cm dilated at this point. Straight on the gas and air. The consultant was keen for Me to be placed on the hormone drip at 8pm, however I requested more time, and as the baby was fine they set a target of 7cm by 10pm, however i was only 5cm, but the midwife (who was great) said she was happy enough to let me carry on, the consultant concurred, however again set a target of fully dilated by 2am (24hrs post waters). I was 8cm at 2am, i had gas and air, plus some diamorphine, I struggled as the drugs wore off however did amazingly well to avoid the epidural. The midwife said we need to be fully dilated by 7am or I would have to have the drip, i was 9.5cm dilated, however contractions had slowed to every 10 minutes and the midwife said she was concerned that although I would be fully dilated soon, the contractions would not be strong enough to bring the baby out so she placed me on the drip at 7am and this proved to be a great option because at 845 am i was fully dilated and the midwife just said go for it, if I wanted to push then do so, Henry was born at 956am naturally no instruments and no epidural.

    However post birth I had torn an early 3rd degree tear so went to surgery which required a spinal all that hard work to avoid it, and i needed it after the birth, Sod's law! But I don't mind the experience was amazing and I'm so far doing ok with breast feeding and lack of sleep hahaha.


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    30 minutes of excerise or more daily

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    Amazing news congratulations on your new arrival... Enjoy xxx
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    Congratulations. Really pleased for you. So glad you had a fantastic birth. Xx
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    Goal 4 - to lose 10%

    Goal 5 - to reach 13 stone (haven't been this weight since I was 17).

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    Congratulations x
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    Congrats !! So pleased for you and you didn't need an induction.

    Hope you all settling in x

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