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Thread: Smoked for 38 years and (stopped) overnight

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    21st January, 2013
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    Smoked for 38 years and (stopped) overnight

    Tried loads of times to stop smoking and always failed... normally due to getting a stress head. Anyway, researched the electronic cigarettes and was mightily impressed with their claims. Bought a set of two, which were 50, but amazed at the reality of them. I had realised that I didn't actually want to stop entirely, as I did enjoy it, so I have swapped the way I do it. It has been just over 6 months now and not 1 cig! Not saying it for praise, just want to pass on what worled for me. My son and 3 work mates are now on it! Good luck to you all who are still trying. I must admit that I still feel that I do smoke but am not causing any damage, I dont get wet and am currently spending @ 2.50 a week on juice.
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    Well done you. Can I ask which e cig you decided on? I bought the skycig been on it two days but battery keeps running out (ony have one).

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    My husband is the same been using his e cig for about 5 months now. And he seems happy enough. He's gone down a nicotine level already )

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    I too have been smoking 23 years with several attempts at quitting. Bought an e lite cig 3 weeks ago and bang... Not 1 'real' cigarette since! No going outside in the cold/wet. No stinking of cigs. Costing a fraction of what it did and my skin is glowing :0)

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    i gave up 5 years ago .i had the chewinggum .but i bite into it .before i realised i wassent ment to .i felt sick .and i thought thats it .i am just going to stop .i havent had one since .even though my husbond still smokes around me .i took one day at a time .cannot stand the smell now .so if you realy wont to do it you can .good luck.

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    It is not easy to stop smoking, of course it is addiction but if we are really motivated and well disciplined, we can do it. Using electronic cigarettes can be our first step in quitting smoking, I find it very effective
    The purpose of our lives is to be happy.

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    I smoked for 26 years since I was 16 when I started, I am now 43 so most of my life my lungs never knew what fresh air was, I didn't really want to stop as I really enjoyed a cig and surprisingly enough I was in great health despite the 25 cigs a day habit, then one day out of a mad moment of trying to find my lighter for the hundredth million time I just said that it I went to no smoking clinic and took champix for 2 week and never looked back I have been stopped 11 months now, but I really did not expect to put on 2 stone also that is why I have joined this forum as I have changed one addiction, (hence the name ) for another i.e food so although the stopping smoking was an uphill battle , eating food or should I say the lack of it seems to be harder for me, but I say good luck and congrats to everyone who tries to stop and who has stopped smoking because it all contributes to a longer healthier life, and I just want to be an active grandma eventually.
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    Well done!

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    Well done! My time is coming in Stoptober......but I'm ready and willing!

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    I moved from cigarettes to vaping (e cigs) early this year. I have no intentions of stopping vaping - I enjoy it, it's not hurting me - happy days.

    If you smoke and want to live longer I cannot recommend vaping enough.
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