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Thread: Week one and no loss??

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    Week one and no loss??

    Has anyone not had a loss in week one at all? My weigh in is tonight and i just don't feel like i've lost anything.
    I've followed the plan to the letter, but my scales at home just aren't moving
    I must, i must, i must decrease my bust!

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    How did u get on? Xxx

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    I'm sure you will be fine. When I did RC I lost 4lbs in my first week. I was shocked as I never lose that much in one week x

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    How did it go Tattyhead? Even if you didn't lose your consultant should be able to offer advice. My consultant often mentions a lady that went on about a product she had fallen in love with, it was great, under 100 calories so fell in with the 100 calorie low fat treat... only it wasn't low fat... it's easily done....

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