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Thread: Hi to anyone doing Rosemary Conley at home

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    Hi to anyone doing Rosemary Conley at home

    Hi All

    I thought that beforeI joined a Rosemary Conley class then I would do a week off my own back at home to see what I could achieve. I am pleased to say that after almost a week I have lost 5lb. The first few days I was quite hungry but a little perseverance and I managed to crack it!

    Admittedly weighing things was a bit off putting but after doing this for a few days I soon got into the swing of thjings. I tried to stick to 1200 caloried but couldn't because I do quite alot of walking and found myself hungry. So very pleased this week. Quite a lot of microwave meals so next week I am going to try and make some homemade stuff.

    I will keep on posting as my jourbey continues.

    Good luck to you all.


    All the bexst

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    hiya im at a class, but thought id say hi well done on your loss, 5lbs is fab!

    are you joining a class in a few weeks then? i think the weigh in, exercise and motivation from everyone there is a big help at losing the weight x

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    Hi. well done. i've just started Rosemary Conley at home, struggling a bit, but like you found i couldn't stick to the 1200, i didn't do as well as you but hoping that now i'm on wk 3 i'll do better. keep up the good work xxxx

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    Hi. I am new to post and hope I'm in the right place! I'm doing it at home as no meeting near by. Was doing SW but I was cheating and getting nowhere..Portion size an issue for me so I hope RC will help. Have enjoyed reading posts and feel motivated!

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