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    Coming close to the end of week 2 and today I'm a complete mess.. I've kept to the plan I've come out with inventive meal ideas for the evening so I could feel semi normal and my OH has been giving the evening meals a try so so far but when it comes to the weekends Friday/Saturday I feel totally socially isolated/ jealous/ wanting to cry. We would normally go out for a meal or have a takeaway which last week I came through fine and even this weekend I don't want a takeaway.. But I'm missing having that time with my OH where we go sit down and have a meal that I haven't had to plan or cook.. just to be served and enjoy each other rather than the other crap life throws. I'm missing having Costa latte with friends.

    And In the evenings I'm dying for something like scrambled eggs on toast or Eggs Bennedict or a steak with the trimmings. I've told my OH if he ever fancies having something to have it (because I don't want to burden anyone with my diet) and he took it literally.. so while he's eating when we are out.. I'm sipping on a glass of water.. and I'm really beginning to get sick of water!!!

    I don't want take aways or anything fried in fat or chips.... Just something nice. Why can't I just eat like a normal person... why did I binge myself to this weight

    Sorry just needed to tell someone!

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    please don't feel you're on your own with these feelings - I've certainly had them too over the last few weeks.

    It really has made an impact on my social life too and I felt at times like I'm in a little bubble and cant let anything stop me from staying 100% on track. I've felt down too and I think it's only normal because it's dealing with a massive change and also accepting that the change can only come from you and be driven forward by you.... just wanted to say we're here for support xxx

    P.S I've had a steak now and again as a treat (with all fat cut off) and it didn't do me any harm, and I also had eggs - made an omelette with mushrooms or had them hard boiled in a salad..

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    It'll all be worth it in the long run DD. it's not an easy weight loss programme and it might be worth having a chat with your other half about how it's affecting you, and how he can help you.

    It's ok saying you don't want to burden others with your diet but it's a massive thing that you're doing and when you're on the beach next year in your bikini he will be so proud of you.

    I'm sure your coffee shop will do a light version so that you can have a drink with your friends. It's just a case of jiggling things a little bit. If you go out for a meal opt for meat and veg and let your OH have anything that you think is dodgy. A lot of places are very obliging about dietary requirements these days.

    Stay with us DD and keep talking about stuff that is on your mind. There's bound to be one if us that has tackled the same issues who can give you tips. x


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    Hey ladies.. Wow don't I feel the same! I miss a glass of wine with my friends on a Friday after work but I actually went to meet them, another friend is doing the diet too (just started) so it gave me a boost to encourage her. 4 weeks in now and I'm starting to feel in routine. Of course I miss the freedom of having what I want but that's what got me to 18st8 in the first place. Going on my sunny holiday in December, being thin enough to feel lovely and comfortable and do all the things I've never been able to do, is way more pleasing than a roast dinner or some take aways. DD, you're doing fab and you'll look back and be so happy you didn't let food get the better of you. I agree with everything Jayne says, it's about changing our lifestyle so that we never have to do this kind of thing again. Keep it up and be strong.. You're going to be so proud when you've achieved your goals! Xx
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