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    New starter :)

    Hi all. I am starting this journey on Monday once I have recieved my shakes. I done Cambridge last year didn't really stick to it. But I now have a goal and why I am doing this. Is anyone else starting Monday and wud like to be buddies??? Xx

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    Hiya, welcome to STS forum.

    I have been shaking for the last 3 weeks. Is a great plan to follow. Shakes are much nicer than Cambridge I think.

    Which plan are you following tfr or 3 shakes and low fat low carb meal? I am doing 3 shakes and a meal as I find tfr too stressful lol. Is working too, have managed to lose 15lb in 3 weeks.

    All the best for the start of your journey, look forward to hearing all about it here.

    Charlie x

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    Hello... I'm a newbie to STW too.... had a lot of success on Cambridge a few years ago but crept up again for various reasons. STW seems to be a good plan, and more reasonably priced, altho I will miss the discipline and the routine of a Counsellor weigh in.........

    I guess that's where forums like this come in.

    So how are you feeling a 4 days in Skinny minni?

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