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Thread: LAU's 2nd attempt at SnS

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    LAU's 2nd attempt at SnS

    Hi Everyone im back,

    I started slim n save a year ago in preperation for my hen night/ wedding. I was only on it a couple weeks as i didnt have a great deal to lose. However since feb last year i have slowly gained 2st! (i blame married life ha). i need this weight off, its the heaviest i have ever been and im now into a dress size ive never been in before. Im living in one pair of jeans as i refuse to buy any more clothes as i have lots of nice clothes i used to fit into.

    I Started the plan yesterday and it went well, i was very hungry throughout the day but i kept focus. I had:

    10am Shake

    2pm Shake

    6:30pm Chicken and veg

    9pm Bar

    Today im planning to have

    10am Caramel shake

    2pm Thai soup (whats this like anyone as it wasnt an option last year)

    6pm HM Turkey Burger with salad

    9pm Bar

    I feel slightly headachey but thats to be expected (especially as ive stuffed my face with chocolate over the xmas and i know ppl can sometimes get headaches from chocolate withdrawl).

    I have a total of 40lbs to lose and i would like to lose that by July time as i should hopefully graduate by then and i refuse to have fat grad photos!. Also applying for Teacher training and i want to be able to keep up with the kiddies so i need a new healthier fitter me.

    Anyway thats a brief story about me. I intend to update this daily and keep track of what im eating and the weight loss. Hope to see some regulars that i can keep track with.

    PS - im not too sure what my signature will be as i havent updated it since last year , ill do that after this post. x

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    Hi ya!
    Married life will do that! Lol!
    I lost 3st for my wedding. By our one year anniversary I was 3st heavier! Grr! Then fell pregnant at that horrible heavier weight.

    Good luck, it's a bumpy few first days, but glug the water and keep the paracetamol to hand and you'll soon be fully in the zone!


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    Welcome're in good company here

    im currently trying to shift the poundage for my wedding in August..x

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    Welcome back and good luck with your restart

    M x

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