I have been trying to lose this weight forever, but I really started on the 15th April 2013 - I am now about 6 stone lighter and finding life much easier - but weight loss a wee bit harder. I lost all of my weight with Slim and Save (with a slight dalliance with Exante at the start) and have been maintaining it (within about 5 lbs either way) with 5:2…….but I want to shift this last stone.

I don't think I will ever be happy with my weight- too many issues for that - but I can approach a place where I can accept it and keep it down. I am a healthy weight now and about a size 12-14….so that is good, but I want to lose the last stone to give me breathing space and see if I can reach a place where I am happy.

So here I am again - this time 6 stone lighter but still struggling

I am determined this time to lose the last stone whether it takes 1 week or 8 weeks….so here is my diary to see whether I can do it.

Started with a raspberry shake this morning (thank you Slim and Save for bringing this back it is my favourite) and am working up towards lunch

Any support welcome