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Thread: Need help- was repeatedly sick last night

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    Need help- was repeatedly sick last night

    Hi everyone

    Last night I was sick, a lot. Every pack I had came up, along with my coke zero and veg.
    This is my 3rd week. I go into the 4th on Monday, but yesterday was horrid.

    I had my first pack at noon then nothing till 8pm which I can only imagine is why I felt so ill. So I then had a generous helping of veg with my spaghetti. An hour later it all came up. I felt a bit better and my stomach hurt so thought I needed another pack. Had a chocolate shake which was a huge mistake. I couldn't stop throwing up. I felt so weak last night and had a rich tea biscuit, it was either that or a slice of toast. I needed to soak up the calories!

    I'm really worried that I've now come out of ketosis and won't lose any more weight from now on.

    Feeling really down and worried!

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    I doubt if one biscuit (when you have in actuality had nothing else) would make that much difference = I find that if I feel queezy using more water like 400 ml in shakes helps so much

    you most likely had a tummy bug so drink shakes slowly and with more water than usual and it will all help

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