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Thread: Big momma's weight loss

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    Big momma's weight loss

    I woke up this morning with such a positive attitude. Even the scales showing me 17st hasn't dampened my determination.
    So decided to write a diary to keep me in check.
    Iv been on and off a diet since I was 18 years old and I'm now 34 and iv wasted too much time, money and tears on my weight so enough is enough.
    The turning point was when my son started nursery last week. The nursery is 5 minutes away up the bank. I struggled to do it, I was red faced and my back was hurting, it was embarrassing and I felt so stupid. So after a lot of tears I ordered a weeks s&s. When I know my health is suffering then something drastic needed to be done.

    So day 1 and I'm raring to go......

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    Hello and welcome to the forum Big-Momma! you will lots of help and support at this forum! And yes it's for sure one of the best things to have online diary. I wish you best of luck!! Would be glad to make friends and support each other;-) Have a great day!

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