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Thread: Stuffed mushrooms

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    Ive just had these for tea and they where yummy. Stuffed them with cottage pie and had with broccoli

    Stuffed mushrooms-image-809614315.jpg
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    oh wow definitely going to give this a try, thanks!
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    Ohh looks lovely, going to be trying this tomorrow :-)

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    Mmm look lush!
    I have practically all the meal packs with large flat mushrooms I love them and they make quite a substantial meal.
    Sprinkle garlic and chilli flakes on them and bake - gorgeous!

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    can i just ask a silly question?

    i tried to bake a large flat mushroom the other day to put my mushroom pasta in and it didnt bake very well at all... in fact it was disgusting!

    i just put it dry, uncovered into the oven... it was all dried out and didnt sort of collapse as i expected it i meant to do something else?

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    Ohh so glad I stumbled across this! Can see mushrooms being a BIG part of this for me, they look amazing! gxx
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    Hi LuLu1964. Re your mushroom issue. Oven heat can be too drying for mushrooms on their own. I poach mine in a little water very gently or spray with fry light and grill. Or if you want filled mushrooms they're ok in oven but I always spray with fry light too. Hope this helps

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    I tried this but stuffed with the chili con carne pack and it was yum. I made the chili with a little less water than normal and microwaved until thick then added to mushrooms that had baked at 150 degrees C for about 5mins, filled them and then baked the filled mushrooms for another 10-15mins. Served with fish (that came out smaller than expected!) that was seasoned with chopped garlic, salt and pepper, and spinach

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