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Thread: Little advice please - my hen do this sat!

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    Little advice please - my hen do this sat!

    Hiya everyone, hope you are all having great weeks.

    i need a little bit of advice so i thought id ask you lovely ladies (and men). I will have been doing S&S for 2 weeks come this weekend however Saturday is my Hen do and im going to Edinburgh with 26 of my nearest and dearest girlies.. Saturday daytime and evening will be packed with alcohol and im a little nervous as i know this is bad for your body when doing a ketogenic diet. Im aware i need to bring my self out of ketosis (is this right?) before having any alcohol so i plan on having a proper breakfast, they are bringing snacks for the train which im going to try and avoid, we are going for lunch when we get there but im going to try and opt for healthy option.

    I guess what i need to know is, will drinking alcohol have a bad effect on me? and when would you suggest bringing myself out of ketosis, will sat morning be ok or best on friday night? Drinking will prob start lightly at around 1pm satursday.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

    ** i intend on getting straight back into S&S on sunday or at the lastest monday**

    Thanks xx
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    I would suggest that you have carbs on Friday night in preparation. Also, make sure you continue to eat carbs through the weekend - you can still eat healthily this doesn't have to be an excuse for a pizza binge!

    I would also suggest that you spend some time planning for the Monday. Visualise yourself getting back on plan. Decide what packs you will have. Give yourself every chance of getting back on track.

    Good luck and enjoy!
    Lost 130lbs from July 2011 to June 2012. Have been maintaining since then but now have returned to lose the extra I put on whilst trying to work out how to maintain!

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    Woo hoo I'm in Edinburgh hope you & ur henettes have a fabby time with lots of lush cocktails gxx
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