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Thread: Tomorrow is the start of my new beginning

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    Tomorrow is the start of my new beginning

    Tomorrow I start Slim and Save. In truth I'm feeling a bit apprehensive. I did a VLCD over 20 years ago and lost 3 stone and managed to keep it off for quite a while. However, 20 years on and after 2 children and much over indulgence I now need to lose atleast six stone (eek, have never admitted that before!).

    I have spent sometime looking at the various posts and photo's on here and some of you have been kind enough to answer my questions. So thank you to those who have contributed to the forum so far. I believe that they have helped my mind set to sucessfully complete the challenge this time. I am sure that I will continue to benefit from posts on this site and welcome any communication from others on their journey to a healthier life.

    So here goes, onwards and downwards


    Week 1 -7lbs
    Week 2

    Lose 1/2 stone Lose 1 stone
    Lose 2 stone Lose 3 stone
    Lose 4 stone Lose 5 stone
    Lose 6 stone Holiday August 2013

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    Diet: Slim & Save
    Height: 6ft0in
    Start Date: 02 January 2013
    Start Weight: 241.8lb
    Current Weight: 212.1lb
    Goal Weight: 175lb
    Goal Date: 01 August 2013

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 32.8
    Current BMI: 28.8
    Goal BMI: 23.7

    Total Weight Loss: 29.7lb
    Weight to Lose: 37.1lb
    % Lost 12.28%
    Good luck!!!

    2013 Slim & Save Diary - 2012 Exante Diary

    02/01/13: 241.8lbs
    09/01/13: -11.6lbs (230.2lbs)
    16/01/13: -4.6lbs (225.6lbs)
    23/01/13: -1lbs (224.6lbs)
    30/01/13: -3lbs (221.6lbs)
    06/02/13: -2.2lbs (219.4lbs)
    13/02/13: -0.2lbs (219.2lbs)
    20/02/13: -4.4lbs (214.8lbs)
    27/02/13: -1.2lbs (213.6lbs)
    06/03/13: -1.2lbs (212.4lbs)
    13/03/13: -
    20/03/13: -
    27/03/13: -0.3lbs (212.1lbs)
    03/04/13: -1.0lbs (211.1lbs)
    10/04/13: -1.5lbs (209.6lbs)

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    Diet: slim and save
    Height: 5ft5in
    Start Date: 21/01/2013
    Start Weight: 20st1lb
    Current Weight: 18st0lb
    Goal Weight: 10st0lb
    Goal Date: october 2013

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 46.8
    Current BMI: 41.9
    Goal BMI: 23.3

    Total Weight Loss: 2st1lb
    Weight to Lose: 8st0lb
    % Lost 10.32%
    you'll do fab don't worry

    (21/1/13)Starting weight 20st1lbs
    (2/4/13)Restart weight 18st 4lb

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    Diet: Slim & Save / Slimming World
    Height: 1.52m
    Start Date: Restarting April 2014
    Start Weight: 84.8kg
    Current Weight: 79.8kg
    Goal Weight: 65.8kg

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 36.7
    Current BMI: 34.6
    Goal BMI: 28.5

    Total Weight Loss: 5kg
    Weight to Lose: 14.1kg
    % Lost 5.88%
    I'm re-starting tomorrow too. Good luck!

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    Start Date: 31.12.12
    Goal Date: Before September '13
    Good luck. You've done what I did. I spent a whole month lurking before I started and I'm convinced it made a huge difference to my staying power and determination xx

    Week 1: -7
    Week 2: -3.5

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    Diet: Slim and save
    Height: 5ft2in
    Start Date: 02/01/2013
    Start Weight: 14st8.6lb
    Current Weight: 12st6lb
    Goal Weight: 10st10lb
    Goal Date: 9th April 2013.....and beyond!!!

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 37.4
    Current BMI: 31.8
    Goal BMI: 27.4

    Total Weight Loss: 2st2.6lb
    Weight to Lose: 1st10lb
    % Lost 14.96%
    Good luck, and look forward to seeing your progress!!! xxxx
    Love and hugs, Jodie xxxx

    Get into 13s. Get under 200lbs. Get into Size 16. Get into 12s. Get under 180lbs. Get into size 14. Get into 11s. Get under 160lbs. Get into Size 12. Get into 10s. Get under 150lbs. Get into size 10. Get into 9s. Get under 130lbs.

    GET TO GOAL!!!!

    Note to self:

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    Start Date: 27/09/12
    You'll soon have that knocked on the head chick, it's so fast, it's blooming amazing!
    This is the rest of my life. This is fufilling a lifelong dream. This is it. This is something I want to do. This is something I will do. This is something I am doing.

    Sticking rigidly to be in the best possible place for surgery
    My blog from day 1:

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    Diet: Calorie Counting / SML / Orlistat
    Height: 5ft9in
    Start Date: 17/03/2014
    Start Weight: 19st1.5lb
    Current Weight: 18st6.8lb
    Goal Weight: 13st0lb
    Goal Date: By the wedding! August 2014

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 39.5
    Current BMI: 38.2
    Goal BMI: 26.9

    Total Weight Loss: 0st8.7lb
    Weight to Lose: 5st6.8lb
    % Lost 3.25%
    You're in the right place! This is such an amazing and supportive forum. Good luck!
    My Minimins diary -

    Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.
    Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off of the goal.
    We would accomplish more things if we did not think of them as impossible.

    Lots of inch loss needed to fit in my dress! Still to go...
    Hips 12 - 11 - 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 0
    Waist8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 0
    Bust5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 0

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