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Thread: Can we have swedish meatballs

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    Can we have swedish meatballs

    Was making pasta and meatballs for kids tea and looked at the nutritional info on the pack. Was wondering if this could be used as a protein option. 100g would give you 210 cals, protein 12g, carbs 7g of which 1.1g is sugar, 4.2g sat fats, fibre 1g and 0.6g sodium. These are quite big meatballs so you wouldnt need the whole 100g as that would be about 8 balls. Any ideas??

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    Probably wouldn't personally. That's a lot higher than other options. I had beef today and that was 110 cals per 100g. It's got quite a lot of salt and sugar in too really, yeyre not just pure meat, too much added into them! It's up to you of course but that's my opinion.

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