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    Hi all

    I'm looking at starting but not sure wether to go for 4 packs or 3 and a meal. What do you all do?


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    I have this question too! Can't decide whether I sjould just taboo food for a few months and go with 4...agh decisions!

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    Hi, I generally do four packs a day with some of the allowed veg at tea time so it still feels like a 'proper' meal. On a Sunday though, I tend to change it to three and have a Sunday lunch of meat and veg with the rest of the family. I needed a break from food and tend to find when I'm on any other diet I pretty much obsess with what I can eat next! S&S do suggest you take a multi vitamin on days when you do three packs and a meal just to make sure you're getting everything you need. Hope that helps x

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    I started with 4 packs, now I do 3 packs and a meal, you can see in my signature where I have introduced food because the losses have dropped right down! Lol :/

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    My losses have stayed pretty steady, I've done 3 packs and a meal from the start pretty much. Personally, I decided that I'd rather have the meal, even if I do lose a tiny bit less each week because it's retraining the way I look at food. I don't want to finish this diet and be afraid of food and letting a single bite of anything cross my lips. My attitude towards food before obviously wasn't healthy but then neither is that. I love having that meal, it makes me feel more normal! It certainly makes this diet far more bearable and even enjoyable for me.

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    I'm new too, I chose 4 because I want to eliminate real food entirely.

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    I chose to do 4 packs a day, no meal, no vegetables but I do have the milk allowance for tea/coffee. Have been on this nearly 4 months now and I am thinking of going down to 3 packs and a meal once I hit my goal. Then reducing the packs as the weeks go on, is scary now that the end is in sight.

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    I'm on three packs and a meal

    I feel stuffed every night after tea now
    It's teaching me good habits .
    I had a good first loss, second appeared as nothing
    But lost a lot in inches so it is working great
    I suggest the three a day ... If you have a really bad relationship with food, worth doing the three to wean yourself off for the first week then switch to four maybe?
    Think maybe if I was willing to spend more though I would of gone on the four a day too..
    get a sample pack and make sure you like everything enough to do the four a day ones too haha you could end up not really liking them so you have a meal to look forward to in the evening haha

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