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Thread: New size Bars

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    New size Bars

    Just a can they afford to make the bars bigger and not have it affect weight loss etc? Am I silly to worry?

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    It's not going to have any impact on losses. S&S aren't going to introduce something that's detrimental to the diet. Anyway a few extra kcals wouldn't make any difference. It'd need to be like a Mars bar to affect things

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    I could be wrong but my interpretation is .........

    I think biologically you have to consume something like 3,000 calories over and above the energy you use to put on 1lb in weight. The new size bars are about 40 calories more than the old, so after eating 75 of them (75 days worth if you have one a day) your weight loss will be 1lb less than it would be compared to the old style bars. So I guess it's not strictly true that the new bars won't affect weight loss at all, but in the grand scheme of things a one pound difference over a 75 day period isn't significant enough to worry about. Hope this makes some sense.

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    It's only a very tiny difference. Carbs make no difference at all, you're already well under the level for ketosis. 1.6g carbs won't be noticed by your body! The bars are only an extra 30 calories, that's nothing at all. Similar to what the above person said, 1lb is equal to 3500 calories. 3500 / 30 = 116 pretty much. So the 30 calories is the difference of 1lb less weight loss over 116 days! But as the calories are so low each day, being an extra 30 higher each day wouldn't even make that difference anyway.

    So no, you're not silly but there's no need to worry

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