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Thread: 2 bars in one day?

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    2 bars in one day?

    Just a question...

    Im having 4 shakes a day but I have training tomorrow from 8-5 and there will be nowhere that I can mix my shakes Plus im not really up for a group of 30 people asking me why im drinking shakes blah blah you know the drill about negativity and everyone voicing their unwanted opinions.

    Do you think it would be okay to take two bars with me? Have one around 10am and another around 4pm? I really dont fancy going the whole day on 1 bar as I need to be on top form...

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    I think as a one off it will be fine. Just make sure you take a multivitamin as well! I think Weasy had to rely on just bars when away once (apologies to Weasy if I am mistaken).

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    I work 12 hour shifts and what I do when I am doing a vlcd is take a meal with me chicken and lettuce or an omelette you could do this and take a bar too? Or just take a shake and say its a protein shake (put powder in shaker before u go).

    Personally having more than 1 bar is not recommended due to the high card intake.

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    Hello as said above a salad could work? But If not 2 bars as a one off will be fine xxx

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    This will be absolutely fine hun. I used to have 2 or sometimes 3 bars (choc praline) a day LOL and I was still getting good losses. The only reason they say no more than 1 bar is because they dont want us to get into the habit of snacking (especially on chocolate/sweet stuff) as opposed to having proper meals (if you can call them that :P). It has nothing to do with carb content - look at the carb content of the spaghetti for eg! xx

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    When I had training all day last week I bought a side salad from Asda and some cooked sliced chicken and added that in. Nice and S&S friendly and no questions!
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    Quote Originally Posted by StripedDaisy
    I think as a one off it will be fine. Just make sure you take a multivitamin as well! I think Weasy had to rely on just bars when away once (apologies to Weasy if I am mistaken).
    Absolutely right as always! You are OK ketosis wise with having more than one bar on SnS (unlike other VLCDs) but I wouldn't do it too often. A chicken salad sounds like a great idea to me!
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