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Thread: Anyone refeeding for Christmas?

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    Anyone refeeding for Christmas?

    I'm coming off plan for at least a week over Christmas, though I'm planning to be low carb. I do not want to put on the weight I have lost, so should I do a refeed? What's everyone else planning?
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    Anyone refeeding for Christmas?

    I have 6 planned days off all scattered from the 21st December to the 4th January (including xmas day, boxing day, new years day and a few meals i have planned with friends and family in between) the rest of the time I will be on plan to try and limit the damage, and I definately plan to be back on plan 100% from 5th January until I get to my goal weight x
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    Get into the 13s
    Get into the 12s

    Get into the 11s
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    Get into the 10s (To give me wiggle room for refeed)

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