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Thread: Is anyone else not having Xmas off?

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    Question Is anyone else not having Xmas off?

    Im not having any days off over Xmas or New Year. Is anyone else sticking 100% to s&s over the xmas period? I just think its just 1 year, it wont make much difference and next year I can enjoy my lovely slim body and have a day or two where I indulge like 'normal' people haha!

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    Is anyone else not having Xmas off?

    Even though we shouldn't, when we have the odd day off it doesn't make that much difference and we can quickly make up the gain so I don't think it's worth missing important days like Xmas.

    The worse that's going to happen is that i need to stay on the diet for a few weeks longer which is well worth it in my opinion.
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    I very seriously considered it and would have done if it had been the first time - when I did that I was non stop 100% from April to the end of November when I reached goal so was eating relatively normally by Christmas time. I think it's all about what we'd be happy with once it's all over and how far we have to go. I noticed that your husband is doing it too and I think that makes a big difference.

    I put my Christmas plan here (Happy New Year Challenge - Christmas plan)

    Good luck whatever you decide.
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    I think it's brill if you stay on track, focused on your goals. Well done & good luck!
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