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Thread: To keep me motivated

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    To keep me motivated

    So to keep me on this diet a have a friend who has a problem with sleeping tablets and likes to take them in large doses to chill out ?? I don't know I've never done drugs but we all told him he turns nasty on them and does stuff he doesn't remember so the deal is if I give up on the diet he will start taking them again so it's making me stick to it to help him. Has anyone else set a goal like this x

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    Me and my husband have been trying for a baby for 7 months with no success,and I think it's due to my weight as I have piled 3 stone on in 6months mainly due to the devastating disappointment every month when I come on my period (I'm a massive comfort eater) so I'm doing this for my un conceived child which keeps me very motivated, just have to not get sad because that has the opposite effect. Plus I see it as I have no real control over my current situation, when I will get pregnant, and I hate feeling so out of control, I've followed a plan my entire life and this waiting was not part of the plan. However I can control what I put in my mouth and that is one of the only things that we as adults can truly control, no one force feed us I think it's great we both have such reasons to stay focused xx

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    My motivation is that I want a boob job for my 30th birthday and I need to get my bmi under 30 before my consultant will be comfortable doing the op.

    that is more than enough motivation for me

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    To keep me going is our wedding in May but I'm also losing my baby weight too! So short term goal is our wedding long term goal is to get back to a size 12 and bloody stay there sick of carry this extra padding round it sure is heavy
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    sound slike a good but extreme diet deal, for me i want to be able to go on holiday this summer and just for once feel comfortable and not like a whale trying to hide my body at every angle x
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