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Thread: Where have I gone wrong?

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    Where have I gone wrong?

    Hi all, I have been doing this plan for 3 weeks and love it! My problem is I lost 12 lb in week 1 (yay) last week I only lost 1lb and this week I have stayed the same . I did simplicity the first week but switched to lifestyle the last 2 weeks, should I switch back to simplicity?..

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    In my experience, there should be no difference between simplicity and lifestyle. If you want to stick with lifestyle, then my advice would be to get some electronic scales if you haven't already and use them all the time - weigh your protein, veg and milk religiously and get glugging the water.

    If you have been drinking any diet drinks, try knocking those on the head too - focus on water, water, water.

    Weigh your food, keep drinking water. Don't give up yet.
    8 Week SnS Challenge
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    Don't be disheartened eating so few calories means you will lose next weight, have you taken your measurements - you might have lost inches instead. Stick at it and no doubt you will see a decent loss next week
    I have weighed today for week 4 and lost 6.5lbs, but not eaten or done anything different from previous weeks - don't know how it works as each week a different loss, but its going in the right direction!
    Wk 1 - 9lbs. Wk 2 - 4.5lbs. Wk 3 - 3.5lbs. Wk 4 - 6.5lbs. Wk 5 - 4lbs. Wk 6 - 3lbs. Wk 7 - 2.5lbs. Wk 8 - 2.5lbs. Wk 9 - 6lbs. Wk 10 - 3.5lbs. Wk 11 - 3.5lbs. Wk 12 - 3lbs. Wk 13 - 4lbs. Wk 14 - 4lbs. Wk 15 - 2.5lbs. Wk 16 - 3lbs. Wk 17 - 4.5lbs. Wk 18 - 2.5lbs. Wk 19 - 1.5lbs. Wk 20 - 4 lbs. Wk 21 - 5lbs. Wk 22 - 2lbs. Wk 23 - 0.5lbs. Wk 24 - 4lbs. Wk. 25 +2lb.

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    Goal Date: ASAP but with 35lbs to loss i know this will be a marathon and not a sprint :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by kellou View Post
    Hi all, I have been doing this plan for 3 weeks and love it! My problem is I lost 12 lb in week 1 (yay) last week I only lost 1lb and this week I have stayed the same . I did simplicity the first week but switched to lifestyle the last 2 weeks, should I switch back to simplicity?..
    Kellou stick with what you doing, your doing great .

    My SIL started 3wks ago too, in wk 1 she lost 12lbs and she's lost nothing since so isn't happy, i took 3wks off at Xmas and started back 3wks ago and since coming back I've lost 6lbs, 2lbs, 3lbs which she thinks is great but it's only 11lbs in total so over the 3wks she's still lost more, on this diet your weekly losses have a funny way of averaging out, if I ever have a really good week I know to expect the next week to be bad x
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    I agree with Tracey, look at it as the big picture of what you've lost in 3 weeks. I lost 10lbs, 1lb then STS. But over 3 weeks that's 11lbs which is amazing. This diet roughly averages out as a stone a month. You will lose weight on it as it's impossible not to when having so few calories.
    Sometimes our bodies rebel and go into shock so they hold the weight but once they realise this is how it's going to be it soon let's it go.

    Also do your measurements.

    I'm 42" down on my body! Xx

    Start Weight:
    13st, 7lbs - 1st September
    Current Weight:
    9st, 10lbs

    Target Weight:
    Approx 9st / 9st, 3lbs to allow a gain for maintenance

    * Stay below 10st
    * Keep up exercise/toning
    * Maintain Maintain Maintain!

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    Goal Date: June 2014

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    Start BMI: 35
    Current BMI: 33.1
    Goal BMI: 24.9

    Total Weight Loss: 0st12lb
    Weight to Lose: 3st9lb
    % Lost 5.53%
    I found scales were a definite issue for me so I recently bought some really good Tanita ones tht also display BMI, Fat% and Water%, may be an overkill but for me its another stat to monitor, best of luck -x-
    Shazzer B x


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