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Thread: What drinks contain no cirtic acid?

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    What drinks contain no cirtic acid?

    Hi guys,

    I've previously done the lighter life and slim and save diet but it's been a while!

    I'm starting back today on the slim and save diet so hope I can maintain it this time

    I'm just wondering what drinks you guys drink while on the diet? I love my flavoured waters and fruity teas but know I'm not allowed these or it'll kick me out of ketosis. Apart from green tea, pepermint tea and coke zero (which I don't really like) I don't know what else to drink. Would love to be able to drink flavoured water but can't find any without citric acid.

    Any help would be appreciated!!!!

    Thanks x

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    nettle tea, roibos tea (caffeine free too) there's a ribena plus blackcurrant flavour thats ok (I checked with S&S) I like it with fizzy water. I think theres a strawberry fizzy water somewhere thats ok and some supermarket coke zero types -asda do one with no aspartame and crap in, you might like unless you generally dont like any cola.

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    You can also have dr pepper zero. Always feels like a treat for me

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