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Thread: Exercise on a VLCD

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    Exercise on a VLCD

    I am interested in limitations on exercise on a VLCD.
    I have just taken up running with my mate and after years of being quite sedate my fitness level is a joke at best, I did about 15 minutes running and died for roughly 1 hour later, my heart level was still not at rest 1 and a half hours later

    non the less I feel better for it.

    is there some limitation on a VLCD exercise wise ? I am 19 stone odd now and this is my first exercise since probably school so I am learning....
    learning how to die quick if last night was anything to go by running up and down hills and steps :P god!!!!

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    Afraid I dont have an answer but I'd like to know too! Went for a walk tonight and would like to do more exercise once the clocks go forward and it's lighter outside

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    I'd say take it a bit more gradually - not really a bloke thing I know, my OH prefers to look death in the face too. Couch to 5k Couch to 5k - C25K Running Program is really good and does the run/walk thing but I know that SnS don't recommend intensive exercise if you haven't done it before and even then with extra packs, I think.

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