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Thread: Break after 12 weeks?

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    Break after 12 weeks?

    Can anyone please explain to me why the 1 week break (extra veg/milk/fruit) is required every 12 weeks? I've tried googling and can't find anything, I've asked sns but they just say it's as per NICE guidelines. I'm really curious, I don't mind doing it once I get there I just want to know why? X

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    Apparently NICE only tested the diet for 12 weeks, so there's no evidence that it's safer for longer periods.

    I was told that by someone else so it may or may not be true.

    I've been on this for 11 weeks now, and definitely feel a bit weaker and more dizzy, I think I need my increased calories for week 13, then back to it!
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    I'm half way through week 9 and have a lot still to lose, feeling fine, only had a couple small blips, wondering if I should bother doing the add extra food for a week if I am still losing and feeling fine when it comes to it. I'll see what my doctor says.

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    Obviously the official advice is 12 weeks maximum but I did Lighter Life for 8 months without a break an suffered no ill effects. As Ff says it's just because that's how long the trial was for that NICE based their guidelines on. Lighter Life advice was just an extra 200 cals in the form of milk and I just couldn't see how it would make any significant difference and I didn't want to risk my progress. I was seeing the doctor/nurse every 28 days and I felt fine. This time Christmas came at about week 12 and I took a break and when I went back on it I've had veg and the odd meal off and a few Lifestyle days. Think it's about understanding the risks and doing what you think is right.

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