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Thread: Day 3 and i suck

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    Day 3 and i suck

    CHEATER!! That's what I want to shout at myself I am on 3rd day and I just had a couple of biscuits I literally want to eat my entire so upset with myself. Was suffering really badly getting into ketosis and couldn't handle the headache and flu like feelings anymore

    I suck at this lol

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    Don't beat yourself up!

    Get back on the horse and keep going sweetie xx
    I CAN do this, I'm doing this for myself and my future.

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    Don't beat yourself up, wipe the slate clean and carry on, you can do this. If you can drink more water it will really help getting into ketosis, I have about 3 litres a day.

    GOAL 1 - get into the 14st section - Hooray did it in my first week
    GOAL 2 - get into the overweight BMI section -DONE 10/8/14
    GOAL 3 - get into the 13st section -DONE 10/8/14
    GOAL 4 - get into the 12st section

    Week 1 - 9.5lb loss
    Week 2 - 4.5lb loss (1 stone in 2 weeks)
    Week 3 - 3.0lb loss
    Week 4 - 4.5lb loss
    Week 5 - 2.5lb loss
    Week 6 - 4.0lb loss (2 stone in 6 weeks)
    Week 7 - 1.5lb loss
    Week 8 - 3.0lb loss

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    What plan you on love, I'm going to start 4 meals packs a day was doing 3 meals packs and a homemade dinner but was going over on veg and protein and after 3 weeks don't think I went into ketosis, well the sticks say I'm not so start 4 meal packs today with 150ml s milk. I Wasn't drinking enough water either. Good luck x

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