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Thread: Slim and save & Cambridge Diet

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    Slim and save & Cambridge Diet

    I was just wondering what the difference was?
    I do Cambridge now and only just come across slim and save

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    In a nutshell: Cambridge sole source is around 450 - 500kcals per day. Slim and Save sits around 600 - 650kcals. Whereas Cambridge has a whole variety of steps and plans, Slim and Save has far fewer; Simplicity, where you have 4 products per day plus optional 200g green veg from a list, Simplicity Plus where you have 5 products plus optional 200g green veg, or Lifestyle, where you have 3 packs plus 100g protein and 200g green veg plus milk.

    I did Cambridge last year and previously, and did well on it. This time round I could not afford Cambridge, so I looked around and found SLim and Save and decided to give it a go. It takes a little getting used to after the rigidity of Cambridge, but now I am in the swing of it I am really really enjoy it! The bars are beautiful (never really liked Cambridge bars, found a lot of them just tasted like chocolate coated cardboard), the variety of shakes and meals is awesome as well! I do sort of missing checking in with someone each week though.

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