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    Are we allowed to mix vlcd bars I don't like slim and save or Cambridge but like Akins would that be ok I need a chocolate bar of some sort just now and again someone said dark chocolate 85% would be better just a few squares to take the craving away any ideas or any other company's that do bars that don't have that healthy aftertaste that's the bit I don't like to start with they are ok but when they dissolve in your mouth yuk !!! Please help getting desperate !!!xx

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    I'm a fan of the s & s bars personally but I think if you find one that's the same or similar carb & calorie allowance I guess it won't make much different. The s & s ones have been fortified with 25% of your RDAs for everything so you may need to take a multi vit if you're bothered about that.
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    Thankyou for answering will have to have a look on ingredients it's a shame they don't do a crispy one or something like that xx

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    You can buy lighter life bars in superdrug but they are pricey compared to s and s
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    Time to get back to the new me x
    xx No crap , No messing ,just letting my light shine again :0)..... the light is starting to shine

    restart after 5 week hiatus !!!!

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    week 4
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    This year time will pass anyway so I might as well make it useful xx

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    Yes saw those but they have the same texture :-( xxx

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    It really depends which ones you try. I am a fan of the S&S coconut crunch and lemon crunch bars. They don't have that same chemical taste following. I think they also do a crispy toffee type one also? Some of the ones I ordered tasted absolutely horrid though I must say. Thought I'd give them all a try & ordered 3 months worth lol!

    Rachel x
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    I love the atkins ones too! I just find with the bars it doesn't satisfy me in the same way as a meal/shake.

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