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Thread: would it be possible?

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    would it be possible?

    Hi all.

    I am thinking about starting slim & save, I used to do CD and managed to lose two stone on that but unfortunately put it all on and more!! What I was wondering was if I could do 3 packs per day but have a normal salad at lunch time. would this still work? the reason being I am on a very tight budget but really need to lose weight for my holiday in September but wouldn't be able to afford all the packs plus chicken/tuna etc. I am in a very active job so do not want to do packs alone.

    any info would be great thanks
    alli x

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    You will need to add some protein to your salad as you don't have enough in three packs. The S&S Lifestyle Plan is three shakes and a low carb/high protein meal.
    Love Mini xxx

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    What about hard boiled eggs. And cals are the same on both plans so won't necessarily give you more energy than just packs.

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