Hi everyone, I started s&s last Thursday (31st) and have been getting on quite well. I do have a few questions though, if anyone can help.

I spent a few days with my boyfriend and he was cooking a main meal for us in the evening, that fit the lifestyle plan, I've come back from his today but don't cook much, so am I okay to switch straight to the simplicity plan?

The second thing is that I'm gonna have to break the plan from the 24th to the 31st and am expecting to gain during that time, but I'm wondering about alcohol. I don't really want to do the full 7 day re-feed because that'll mean I'll have only been on the diet for 2 weeks but I know I have to be out of ketosis before drinking. Can I do this by introducing fruit and other high carb foods to come out of ketosis more quickly or should I do the full 7 days?

I don't normally drink, but it's my 21st so... :P I'm trying to get as slim as possible for that day so I'd like to maximise diet time. If there are any tips for maximising losses that would be great too