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Thread: Where to find Caramel Temptation powder

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    Where to find Caramel Temptation powder

    So I'm getting a little bored with vanilla and chocolate (although love the strawberry!).

    Bought a bottle of raspberry crush ready made to try tomorrow but I'm keen to try the caramel...can't find it in any of the shops though! Any ideas?

    Haven't tried the latte or mocha ones yet, so I guess they're on my list. I can just imagine getting bored with the same three flavours when I'm on this diet for a month+!

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    Superdrug sell the powder in caramel

    Slimfast Caramel Temptation Powder at Superdrug
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    thanks for the tip :-). I've seen it's free del over 10 and they've got my fave face wash half price, so it makes sense to order! Hope I like it!

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