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Thread: Spaghetti bolognese eating out

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    Spaghetti bolognese eating out

    eating out at italian restaurant at the weekend, really love my spag bol .. how many syns for ee, red and green?
    also does anyone know many syns for average portion of plain ice cream ?
    start weight 15/5 : 15st 11 1/2 lbs

    half hearted attempt at slim and save - with around 5 cheat days thrown in arghhh and old scales that I think were taking wrong reading grrrr

    week 1 15st3lbs (-8.5 lbs) with onset of TOTM
    week 2 15st2lbs (-1lb) went off plan for 4 days grrr

    start date 1/6 : 15stones - new scales

    week 1 14st11lbs (-3lbs) with 2 cheat days :0
    week 2 didn't weigh in
    week 3 didn't weigh in
    week 4 14st2lbs - 9 lbs off since week one (3 weeks)woohoo
    week 5 didnt weigh
    week 6 didnt weigh
    week 7 13st7lbs - 18lbs off since week one - goal 1 reached, woo hoo
    week 8
    week 9
    week 10
    week 11 date .. scary!!

    to be 14 stone or less for *half way there* shopping trip middle july - reached im 13.7st exactly
    to be 13 stone or less for *date outfit* shopping begining august woo hoo !!!!

    mini goals
    get into the 14's : done reach 14.7lbs : done get into the 13's : done reach 13st7lbs: done get into the 12's reach 12.7st get into the 11's reach 11st7lbs get into the 10'd FINAL GOAL reach 10st6 lbs

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    Diet: SW
    Height: 6ft0in
    Start Date: 11/05/10
    Start Weight: 23st4lb
    Current Weight: 21st6lb
    Goal Weight: 15st0lb
    Goal Date: GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLL !!!!!!

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 44.2
    Current BMI: 40.7
    Goal BMI: 28.5

    Total Weight Loss: 1st12lb
    Weight to Lose: 6st6lb
    % Lost 7.98%
    i think spag bol comes out about 7.5 or 8.5 syns on EE, not sure of the others i expect on a red day it might be higher with the pasta.

    i had a look last week when i was going out for an italian and spag bol was about the best italian meal to have points wise, bolognese or pomadora sauces are better as theyre tomato based, they have olive oil in though, avoid the carbonarra sauces as theyre cream based, which is prob why theyre so yummy.


    Week 1 -14lbs,Week 2 - 1lbs, Week 3. - 3lbs, Week 4 - holiday, Week 5 +2lbs, Week 6 - 4Lbs, Week 7. - 0.5lbs, Week 8. - 3.5lbs, Week 9. - 1lbs, Week 10 - 2.5lbs, week 11 + 0.5lbs, week 12 STS, Week 13 +1.5lbs
    My Weight Chart:

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