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Thread: Lymewood Farm, Haydock

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    Lymewood Farm, Haydock

    Hello All...

    Just wondering if anyone has ever been to Lymewood farm on the east lancs near haydock?

    I'm going on Friday for my birthday treat does anyone know what is nice and low in syns and if there is any possible way I could have a little cake??

    I'm gonna be an angel all week so I can have a treat but don't wanna throw everything ive done out of the window!!

    Any ideas much appreciated

    Laura xxx

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    Hi Laura I've been a few times but never when I've been on slimming world, they do the normal pub food and a cavery that's really nice, my advice would probs be the cavery pile up the veg! As for the cakes I don't think limewood belive in small cakes but it's ur birthday so enjoy it, the cakes are amazing!!!! I recommend the Banoffe cheesecake x

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    I know this is an old post but I am going on sun with hubby for bd can anyone help?

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