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Thread: Indian takeaway portions...? Help!

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    Indian takeaway portions...? Help!

    Been reading about best things to order on SW...

    I think I'll have a lamb rogan josh or something similar for 6.5 syns, with boiled rice. Can someone tell me how much rogan josh this value is for? I assume it's not a full tray?!

    I would usually eat a whole serving with some rice. Before I do that, please could someone advise!

    Thanks! Spots xx

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    I'm new to this. I'm confused, As 6.5 syns for a full portion of curry seems a bit too good to be true!

    I had a Lamb Dupiaza on Sunday and not sure on the syns for this either as not in the books...

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    I was wondering this too because I was expecting it to be about 30 syns! Xxx

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